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How To Know The Country Of Origin, The Exact Place, The Date Of Birth And The Main Characteristics Of A Diamond?

A Diamond like any other mineral, vegetable or living thing, you will never find an exact replica. In nature nothing repeats itself: neither stones, nor two leaves, nor two animals, nor two people.
As science, research and the media advance, methods of analysis and methods are being developed to make it possible.

Gemological Certificates have been granted to guarantee a quality in terms of: weight, color, purity, proportions, polishing, size and fluorescence.

In the near future and as announced by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), it will be possible thanks to a mobile application focused on the consumer, to have access to all the history of a Diamond.

In order for this process to be successfully carried out, the “GIA” Laboratory will need the collaboration of the whole chain since the diamond extraction, which before and after the carving must be sent to the GIA for evaluation.

GIA App M2MThe final customer will be able to share with the supplier the application and know not only the GIA certificate with its main characteristics, but also where it was extracted, details about its preparation (cutting) and polishing, as well as the history and services of its supplier. You can also provide photos and videos of how it was given or the couple’s story to their commitment.

All this process will guarantee a greater control in all the circuit that commercializes the diamond and the jewels, giving an extraordinary confidence to the consumer.

We will keep you informed of any developments, and it is our online jewelery’s intention to offer this quality service as soon as it becomes available.