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Investment Diamonds


A Diamond has always been the object of desire for its rarity, beauty and durability.

There is no other gem that equals or can substitute.

Investing in Diamonds simply does not guarantee its profitability, since there are many factors that must be known and taken into account.

It is important to know that of world production:

80% are not suitable for Jewelry and are consumed in industrial uses:

1. Diamonds in the rough Drilling of oil wells.
2. Cutting and polishing tools.
3. Precision engraving.
4. High performance semiconductors.
5. Computing.

Only 20% of the world’s production is gem quality, suitable for Jewelry.

Turning that 20% into a parameter 100 and according to our own market study in which we have conjugated:

1. GIA Diamonds in the rough Sizes.
2. Color Qualities.
3. Purity qualities.
4. Prices that are acceptable for an important segment of the market, and
All type of guarantees with Gemological Certificates of International recognition.

Only 2% to 3% of global quality gem production would serve to provide coverage, credibility and attractive investor, to the segment of the selected market.

We would advise Diamonds between 0.80 carats and 1.20 carats.