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Gold, Diamonds And Gems


As we begin the journey towards the CHRISTMAS, END OF YEAR and REYES, we think it is the moment to analyze the current situation of the Jeweler sector and possible evolution’s for the future.

Being the Noble Metal the base and indispensable element in all the range of “High Jewelry” and being its price internationally and daily very clearly established, since it is quoted only for a single unit of weight, purity and currency:

Weight: One troy ounce equivalent to 31.1034768 grams and
Purity: 24 carat gold, equivalent to 999.99 thousandths of gold (pure gold).
Currency: US Dollars.

And that is why they can establish comparatives, graphs, etc. about their annual prices, trends, etc.

In our Bulletin mid-year, June 2016, we already indicated a rise in its price of 21.30% and everything indicates that it can finish the year exceeding this percentage.

See below your current trading price and the new uptrend recently started.


In these 9 years of crisis in the Western World, it is evident that demand for diamond jewelry has declined, but has been offset by higher consumption in China and India.

In 2017 will be 10 years of the beginning of the current crisis and we think that just as the real estate market is emitting obvious signs of a major cycle change, so will other sectors, because when money moves, all benefit sectors.

Color Gems

The Emeralds , Rubies and Sapphires with a wide range of shades in color and purity are very difficult to catalog, but their prices are rising vertiginously as can be seen by the auctions of the great International Firms:

1. Bonhams
2. Christie’s and

The current prices can be verified in their respective websites, where they reflect the results of their auctions in different countries and continents.

Always demand the necessary guarantees:


Treatments, if they have them. What class and if they are Internationally accepted by CIBJO (International Confederation of Jewelry, Jewelry and Watches).

Detailed invoices and
Return guarantees, at least for 14 days from their reception, which are the ones we offer.