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The quality of the diamonds is measured by 4 main characteristics, called the ” Four Cs “:

1. Size ( Cutting)
2. Color ( Color)
3. Purity ( Clarity)
4. Carat weight ( Carat weight)

A recognized gemological certificate guarantees the qualities of a diamond.


The size of the diamond The Size is the most important quality and differentiates diamonds offered by website from the rest. For a diamond to shine more it must be well carved. A diamond with good color and purity can be very expensive, but if it is not well carved it will not shine enough.


The color of the diamond The color of the diamond is the second most important quality. Varies from perfect white (Color D ) to yellow (Color Z ). The more white a diamond the more light it receives and therefore the more light it reflects. As white diamonds are also increasingly difficult to obtain, they are the most valuable, although we can teach you to find a good balance between color and price.


The purity of the diamond The purity of the diamond measures the number, location, size and type of inclusions or marks of a diamond. The purer a diamond the less light it deflects and the more light it reflects, and therefore the more scarce and valuable it is. We also know how to get a perfect balance between purity and reasonable price …

Carat weight

The weight of the diamond The weight of the diamond is measured in carats, and its price increases much more than its weight. So much so that a 1 carat diamond can be worth up to 5 times more than a 0.50 carat, both being of the same color and purity. As an asset becomes more and more scarce, its value multiplies!

You should also know that two diamonds of the same weight can have different sizes, and that not always the largest size is the best. We will teach you how to relate the weight of a diamond to its size and to choose the best quality-weight diamond.


The Diamond Certificate The diamond certificate, issued by a recognized and independent gemological laboratory, is a document that allows valuing and acquiring the diamond with total security and guarantee. Without such a certificate it can not be ascertained that the real qualities of the diamond coincide with those claimed by the seller and therefore their actual value can not be determined.

If you buy a diamond without a recognized certificate, you could unknowingly pay more than three times its real value. We recommend that you do not buy an uncertified diamond.


Diamonds have always been a profitable investment in the long term and, at the moment, with the financial and real estate crisis and the strength of the Euro, their importance as a safe haven becomes even more relevant.