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Engagement Rings – The most Frequent Question of Engagement Rings

What does giving an engagement ring mean?

It is a symbol of commitment, a request for marriage, the most usual way of saying “You want to marry me”.

In which hand is the engagement ring worn?

On the ring finger of the left hand. Why? By an old belief that a vein passed through the left ring finger that connected directly with the heart.

Why the diamond in the engagement ring?

The diamond received its name by its hardness, of the Greek Adamas that means unbreakable. So diamond would be a symbol of a lasting union, the commitment for life.

What is it and why a loner?

Engagement Ring 1135

The solitaire is a ring of precious metal with a single precious stone. The diamond is the hardest gemstone known 140 harder than the corundum which is the group to which the Sapphire and Ruby belong. The solitary would symbolize the union of two people in one, the commitment of marriage.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

It is very personal and depends on the economy of each person, in our opinion the important thing is the step that is taken. Although we believe that within the possibilities of each person, you should try to make an effort as it is for a lifetime.

Swarovsky Engagement Rings

The prices of our engagement rings are with the most affordable diamond available. When you indicate the measurement and click on look for diamond, a list of diamonds to choose according to your budget and quality preferences will appear.

In order to be able to cover all budgets we would have a selection of more affordable, simple engagement rings and for brilliant cut diamonds from 0.09 to 0.19 carats (diameter of approximately 2.9 to 3.5 millimeters):

And rings that accept diamonds of greater size and with Gemological Certificates unitary issued by independent Laboratories and of recognized prestige.

We could also make custom engagement rings according to drawing or design and with a personalized diamond search according to quality preferences and maximum budget for engagement rings from 3,000 Euros all inclusive.