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Certified Diamonds


It is very important to know how to interpret a Diamond in its nature, color and purity as it is certain that you are studying the purchase of a Natural Diamond, but there are other characteristics that greatly influence its quality, value and beauty.

They play an important role:

1. The proportions (Cut in English) of the diamond,
2. Its Polished,
3. Your Symmetry and
4. The Fluorescence.

All of them, in their shapes and proportions, are important for a brilliant carving Diamond to highlight to the maximum its Splendor, its Beauty and its Brilliance, never better said.

In the following graphs we will try to present the various categories internationally defined, approved and that play a role in the above qualities as well as in prices.

We wish therefore that the following graphs are of easy interpretation.

Variations in price for diamonds brilliant cut between 1.00 – 1.50 carats:

As you will see, an accumulation of lower grades could devalue a diamond by up to 50% or more compared to its best rating when everything is perfect or “Top qualities”.