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FAQs on buying Diamond Jewelry Online


How do I know if diamonds are true or are they of the quality described on each chip?

Because we sell certified natural diamonds by independent and prestigious gemological laboratories. They are the ones who determine and guarantee the quality of each certified diamond. Learn more by reading our section on diamond certificates

How can I buy a diamond without seeing it before?

Because the diamond is certified by independent gemological laboratories of recognized prestige, knowing in advance all its qualities.

In addition, our experience as Diamond Specialists allows us to advise you the best among several similar certified diamonds.

If you are not satisfied, remember that you have a full return guarantee.

Do you offer me a diamond in a jewelry that looks very good?

No. Diamonds are not our property. They come from carving houses and are on sale in several international diamond bags.

If you place a firm order, we can reserve it for 72 hours, during which time you must make the payment.

After 72 hours the diamond is unlocked and is back for sale.