THE JEWELRY Buying Guide


How do I know that jewelry is actually 18 carats?

Because all of them are punched by the Official Laboratory of Contrast of our Autonomous Community. Punching is mandatory throughout Europe by law and can be checked on each piece.

The duly punched gold pieces must be marked 750, followed by the initials of the Autonomous Community and the number of the Official Laboratory that emits the contrast.

How much do the rings weigh?

The weights of the rings vary depending on the model, the size of the diamond to be crimped and the size of the finger.

Although it is impossible to determine the final weight of a ring before preparing it, all our rings are 18 carat gold (not hollow).

How do I figure out the measurement of the finger for the ring?

you can order a plastic ring gauge .

What should I require before buying a jewel?

Before buying a jewel, you must:

1. Punch the jewel to verify the material of which it is made
2. Certificate of your main or jewel diamonds
3. Detailed offer to compare prices and qualities