How to know the right PRICES of Jewelry


How can you buy cheaper jewelry?

Buy at origin, they do not have intermediaries and we pay in advance.

In addition, as jewelry manufacturers, they do not have to buy most of their designs.

Nor do they pay rent, decoration or security, which reduces their operating expenses.

By selling directly to any part of the world have more customers than normal jewelry, which allows to offer diamonds and jewelry with very small margins.

Can I get a diamond or a cheaper jewel if I do not pay VAT?

Do not be so sure. Sales without VAT favor deception in the products offered (because you can not prove what you are buying).

In addition, a sale without VAT is not made to benefit you, but to increase the profit of the seller.

You may end up paying the same but you buy a product that does not correspond to the offer and comes without invoice or guarantees of any kind …

And what advantages does it have to buy with invoice?

The website invoice details the details of each product (essential for assessing, securing, claiming or recovering your diamond or jewel in case of theft) and guarantees the lawful origin of diamonds (Kimberley Process).

In addition, purchases with invoice have 2 years warranty by law, and a right of return of 14 days.