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How Can I Rate a Jewel or Diamond?


As you know, diamond is the only consumer or luxury product whose value increases over time. If you have a jewel or certified diamond purchased long ago, you will be asked what your current value is. We offer you two ways to find out the price of your jewelry and / or diamonds …The first is to look for the price of a similar certified diamond.

Online diamond jewelry¬†website has a diamond finder with more than 2,000 certified diamonds and located in the main diamond bags of the world (Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Israel, …).

Just by entering the data of the certificate of your diamond in the search engine you can see if there are similar diamonds and check their qualities and their sales prices.

The price of the mount is usually very small compared to the diamond value (sometimes up to 1%!). It is usually calculated at about 60 Euros per gram of gold, or 120 Euros if it is platinum, and includes both the cost of the raw material and the handmade manufacture of the mount.

The second way is to go to a jewelry appraiser company to issue a certificate of appraisal of your jewel or diamond (Some of these companies, such as GEMACYT, can also issue certificates of jewelry and diamonds).

We enclose a list of some jewelry and diamond appraisers in USA, as well as the data of the US Association of Jewelry Appraisers, so that you can ask for the address of an appraisal company in your province.