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How To Know The Country Of Origin, The Exact Place, The Date Of Birth And The Main Characteristics Of A Diamond?

A Diamond like any other mineral, vegetable or living thing, you will never find an exact replica. In nature nothing repeats itself: neither stones, nor two leaves, nor two animals, nor two people.
As science, research and the media advance, methods of analysis and methods are being developed to make it possible.

Gemological Certificates have been granted to guarantee a quality in terms of: weight, color, purity, proportions, polishing, size and fluorescence.

In the near future and as announced by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), it will be possible thanks to a mobile application focused on the consumer, to have access to all the history of a Diamond.

In order for this process to be successfully carried out, the “GIA” Laboratory will need the collaboration of the whole chain since the diamond extraction, which before and after the carving must be sent to the GIA for evaluation.

GIA App M2MThe final customer will be able to share with the supplier the application and know not only the GIA certificate with its main characteristics, but also where it was extracted, details about its preparation (cutting) and polishing, as well as the history and services of its supplier. You can also provide photos and videos of how it was given or the couple’s story to their commitment.

All this process will guarantee a greater control in all the circuit that commercializes the diamond and the jewels, giving an extraordinary confidence to the consumer.

We will keep you informed of any developments, and it is our online jewelery’s intention to offer this quality service as soon as it becomes available.

High Alarm Security Jewelry Showcases for Jewelry stores


To guarantee the protection of your jewelry, whether at home, a store, or an auction, a good alarm system should be employed. There are several jewelry showcases that come with security features that would make sure that the jewelry that you possess is damage proof.

The substance utilized in glass jewelry showcases are generally made of hard to break glass sheets to interrupt any theft that is taking place. There are automatic security attributes for these situations that can transmit signals to the security office or the nearby police department in case of a break in.

The alarm systems for your jewelry showcases are significant particularly throughout the night when no one is willingly available to watch over these things. If you finding reasonable fittings for jewelry store, an amount of business owners turn to second hand things to get inexpensive rates.

In business used jewelry display cases for sale, commerce owner are smart to finish the furniture that they call for the store at a least amount. These probably will not appear as fine as brand name latest things but still be capable to make available the storage and security measures that the store requires.


Engagement Rings – The most Frequent Question of Engagement Rings

What does giving an engagement ring mean?

It is a symbol of commitment, a request for marriage, the most usual way of saying “You want to marry me”.

In which hand is the engagement ring worn?

On the ring finger of the left hand. Why? By an old belief that a vein passed through the left ring finger that connected directly with the heart.

Why the diamond in the engagement ring?

The diamond received its name by its hardness, of the Greek Adamas that means unbreakable. So diamond would be a symbol of a lasting union, the commitment for life.

What is it and why a loner?

Engagement Ring 1135

The solitaire is a ring of precious metal with a single precious stone. The diamond is the hardest gemstone known 140 harder than the corundum which is the group to which the Sapphire and Ruby belong. The solitary would symbolize the union of two people in one, the commitment of marriage.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

It is very personal and depends on the economy of each person, in our opinion the important thing is the step that is taken. Although we believe that within the possibilities of each person, you should try to make an effort as it is for a lifetime.

Swarovsky Engagement Rings

The prices of our engagement rings are with the most affordable diamond available. When you indicate the measurement and click on look for diamond, a list of diamonds to choose according to your budget and quality preferences will appear.

In order to be able to cover all budgets we would have a selection of more affordable, simple engagement rings and for brilliant cut diamonds from 0.09 to 0.19 carats (diameter of approximately 2.9 to 3.5 millimeters):

And rings that accept diamonds of greater size and with Gemological Certificates unitary issued by independent Laboratories and of recognized prestige.

We could also make custom engagement rings according to drawing or design and with a personalized diamond search according to quality preferences and maximum budget for engagement rings from 3,000 Euros all inclusive.


Investment Diamonds


A Diamond has always been the object of desire for its rarity, beauty and durability.

There is no other gem that equals or can substitute.

Investing in Diamonds simply does not guarantee its profitability, since there are many factors that must be known and taken into account.

It is important to know that of world production:

80% are not suitable for Jewelry and are consumed in industrial uses:

1. Diamonds in the rough Drilling of oil wells.
2. Cutting and polishing tools.
3. Precision engraving.
4. High performance semiconductors.
5. Computing.

Only 20% of the world’s production is gem quality, suitable for Jewelry.

Turning that 20% into a parameter 100 and according to our own market study in which we have conjugated:

1. GIA Diamonds in the rough Sizes.
2. Color Qualities.
3. Purity qualities.
4. Prices that are acceptable for an important segment of the market, and
All type of guarantees with Gemological Certificates of International recognition.

Only 2% to 3% of global quality gem production would serve to provide coverage, credibility and attractive investor, to the segment of the selected market.

We would advise Diamonds between 0.80 carats and 1.20 carats.


Gold, Diamonds And Gems


As we begin the journey towards the CHRISTMAS, END OF YEAR and REYES, we think it is the moment to analyze the current situation of the Jeweler sector and possible evolution’s for the future.

Being the Noble Metal the base and indispensable element in all the range of “High Jewelry” and being its price internationally and daily very clearly established, since it is quoted only for a single unit of weight, purity and currency:

Weight: One troy ounce equivalent to 31.1034768 grams and
Purity: 24 carat gold, equivalent to 999.99 thousandths of gold (pure gold).
Currency: US Dollars.

And that is why they can establish comparatives, graphs, etc. about their annual prices, trends, etc.

In our Bulletin mid-year, June 2016, we already indicated a rise in its price of 21.30% and everything indicates that it can finish the year exceeding this percentage.

See below your current trading price and the new uptrend recently started.


In these 9 years of crisis in the Western World, it is evident that demand for diamond jewelry has declined, but has been offset by higher consumption in China and India.

In 2017 will be 10 years of the beginning of the current crisis and we think that just as the real estate market is emitting obvious signs of a major cycle change, so will other sectors, because when money moves, all benefit sectors.

Color Gems

The Emeralds , Rubies and Sapphires with a wide range of shades in color and purity are very difficult to catalog, but their prices are rising vertiginously as can be seen by the auctions of the great International Firms:

1. Bonhams
2. Christie’s and

The current prices can be verified in their respective websites, where they reflect the results of their auctions in different countries and continents.

Always demand the necessary guarantees:


Treatments, if they have them. What class and if they are Internationally accepted by CIBJO (International Confederation of Jewelry, Jewelry and Watches).

Detailed invoices and
Return guarantees, at least for 14 days from their reception, which are the ones we offer.


Certified Diamonds


It is very important to know how to interpret a Diamond in its nature, color and purity as it is certain that you are studying the purchase of a Natural Diamond, but there are other characteristics that greatly influence its quality, value and beauty.

They play an important role:

1. The proportions (Cut in English) of the diamond,
2. Its Polished,
3. Your Symmetry and
4. The Fluorescence.

All of them, in their shapes and proportions, are important for a brilliant carving Diamond to highlight to the maximum its Splendor, its Beauty and its Brilliance, never better said.

In the following graphs we will try to present the various categories internationally defined, approved and that play a role in the above qualities as well as in prices.

We wish therefore that the following graphs are of easy interpretation.

Variations in price for diamonds brilliant cut between 1.00 – 1.50 carats:

As you will see, an accumulation of lower grades could devalue a diamond by up to 50% or more compared to its best rating when everything is perfect or “Top qualities”.


FAQs on buying Diamond Jewelry Online


How do I know if diamonds are true or are they of the quality described on each chip?

Because we sell certified natural diamonds by independent and prestigious gemological laboratories. They are the ones who determine and guarantee the quality of each certified diamond. Learn more by reading our section on diamond certificates

How can I buy a diamond without seeing it before?

Because the diamond is certified by independent gemological laboratories of recognized prestige, knowing in advance all its qualities.

In addition, our experience as Diamond Specialists allows us to advise you the best among several similar certified diamonds.

If you are not satisfied, remember that you have a full return guarantee.

Do you offer me a diamond in a jewelry that looks very good?

No. Diamonds are not our property. They come from carving houses and are on sale in several international diamond bags.

If you place a firm order, we can reserve it for 72 hours, during which time you must make the payment.

After 72 hours the diamond is unlocked and is back for sale.


THE JEWELRY Buying Guide


How do I know that jewelry is actually 18 carats?

Because all of them are punched by the Official Laboratory of Contrast of our Autonomous Community. Punching is mandatory throughout Europe by law and can be checked on each piece.

The duly punched gold pieces must be marked 750, followed by the initials of the Autonomous Community and the number of the Official Laboratory that emits the contrast.

How much do the rings weigh?

The weights of the rings vary depending on the model, the size of the diamond to be crimped and the size of the finger.

Although it is impossible to determine the final weight of a ring before preparing it, all our rings are 18 carat gold (not hollow).

How do I figure out the measurement of the finger for the ring?

you can order a plastic ring gauge .

What should I require before buying a jewel?

Before buying a jewel, you must:

1. Punch the jewel to verify the material of which it is made
2. Certificate of your main or jewel diamonds
3. Detailed offer to compare prices and qualities


How to know the right PRICES of Jewelry


How can you buy cheaper jewelry?

Buy at origin, they do not have intermediaries and we pay in advance.

In addition, as jewelry manufacturers, they do not have to buy most of their designs.

Nor do they pay rent, decoration or security, which reduces their operating expenses.

By selling directly to any part of the world have more customers than normal jewelry, which allows to offer diamonds and jewelry with very small margins.

Can I get a diamond or a cheaper jewel if I do not pay VAT?

Do not be so sure. Sales without VAT favor deception in the products offered (because you can not prove what you are buying).

In addition, a sale without VAT is not made to benefit you, but to increase the profit of the seller.

You may end up paying the same but you buy a product that does not correspond to the offer and comes without invoice or guarantees of any kind …

And what advantages does it have to buy with invoice?

The website invoice details the details of each product (essential for assessing, securing, claiming or recovering your diamond or jewel in case of theft) and guarantees the lawful origin of diamonds (Kimberley Process).

In addition, purchases with invoice have 2 years warranty by law, and a right of return of 14 days.


How Can I Rate a Jewel or Diamond?


As you know, diamond is the only consumer or luxury product whose value increases over time. If you have a jewel or certified diamond purchased long ago, you will be asked what your current value is. We offer you two ways to find out the price of your jewelry and / or diamonds …The first is to look for the price of a similar certified diamond.

Online diamond jewelry¬†website has a diamond finder with more than 2,000 certified diamonds and located in the main diamond bags of the world (Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Israel, …).

Just by entering the data of the certificate of your diamond in the search engine you can see if there are similar diamonds and check their qualities and their sales prices.

The price of the mount is usually very small compared to the diamond value (sometimes up to 1%!). It is usually calculated at about 60 Euros per gram of gold, or 120 Euros if it is platinum, and includes both the cost of the raw material and the handmade manufacture of the mount.

The second way is to go to a jewelry appraiser company to issue a certificate of appraisal of your jewel or diamond (Some of these companies, such as GEMACYT, can also issue certificates of jewelry and diamonds).

We enclose a list of some jewelry and diamond appraisers in USA, as well as the data of the US Association of Jewelry Appraisers, so that you can ask for the address of an appraisal company in your province.